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Get Searchable Y'all | taught by nikki ricks

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You’ve built a business, created a killer website, and maybe even crafted a powerful manifesto (go you!)... now what? You’ve gotta get noticed, my friend. SEO is crucial for a creative entrepreneur’s success—so much so—we’ve dedicated an entire e-course to this punchy little acronym. It’s time to rid yourself of the SEO scaries in order to create some high-potency content that’ll take your creative business to the next level.

For those of you thinking,“Sounds great…but how?” or even “What’s SEO, again?”...we’re glad you’re here. Keep those comfy clothes on, refill that snack bowl, and let’s dive in.

nikki ricks
nikki ricks
Feminest Founder

I'm a business coach for creative women-owned businesses.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in communications and master’s degree in urban planning, I was working at a Chicago architecture firm when I had my first daughter. I wanted a more flexible way to work, which sparked the idea of creating a coworking space with in-house childcare. As I researched the market and held events at local coworking and play spaces, my favorite part of the business was meeting more of Chicago’s incredible, inspirational, powerful women and talking to them about their work.

I have been helping women get organized since implementing the rotating recess snack with my first-grade girl gang and overhauling friends’ rooms on play dates.

Now I works at Feminest, where my goal is to help build scalable businesses straight from the brains of female entrepreneurs. In my free time I mentor at 1871 and 2112. I love goals, business models, to-do lists, brainstorming, efficiency, and getting you a freaking paycheck.

I'm currently living in Melbourne, Australia and traveling the world as much as possible. 

I love you already. Let me help you help yourself and get your business in tip top shape.